Michael B. Jordan Wants to Play the Calvin Ellis Version of Superman

In the midst of a shakeup over at DC’s cinematic universe, it was widely expected that some characters that were already seen in properties wouldn’t be returning or reprising the roles they had previously taken on. Among the losses were Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight and although unconfirmed, the writing is on the wall for Henry Cavill’s Superman. The studio is rumored to be going ahead with a Supergirl movie instead of the highly requested Man of Steel sequel amidst the rumor that Henry Cavill had withdrawn from negotiations with Warner Bros. in late 2018 over his contract as the Kryptonian.

With more diversity being injected into Hollywood’s most popular genre, many fans of the character started thinking of their own choices to play the character. Among the ones chosen and rumored to be in contact with Warner Bros. was Micheal B. Jordan. Jordan isn’t a stranger to the comic book scene, previously being chosen as Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch in 2015’s poorly criticized Fantastic Four reboot and more recently, a role as the villain Killmonger in the award winning Black Panther movie.

While the potential casting was met with extreme opposition from comic book fans due to Kal-El traditionally being portrayed as a caucasian character in comic book media, Micheal recently acknowledged the rumor and presented a solution: playing a different version of Superman.

Recently interviewed by Oprah on OWN, Micheal B. Jordan mentioned that he’d heard the rumor of him potentially playing Superman and expressed interest that he would play the character only if it was a different version of him. Being an avid fan of comics himself, Jordan went on to explain that an alternate version of Superman, Calvin Ellis, existed in DC’s famed Multiverse (on Earth 23, specifically) and presented a solution on how he could play the character in future movies should the studio choose to start development on it. You can watch a snippet of the interview in the video located below:

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