‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ – Thoughts, Questions, and Speculation!

With three MCU entries now under his belt, Tom Holland has proven himself worthy of Spider-Man’s mask. Upon the release of the trailer for his next solo outing, Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans went mad for a number of reasons; What brought Peter (and others) back after Avengers: Endgame? What is Mysterio up to?

Audiences wept when Peter turn to dust in Tony’s arms. All of the lives claimed by “The Decimation” were deeply emotional and resonated with fans, so it’s safe to say they’d feel pretty cheated if they magically turned back up in Endgame. Some members of the Avengerscast have said that the next installment is either above or on par with the previous one. After almost eleven years, I trust the cast and crew won’t let us down. It’s just difficult not to question how Far From Home picks up from Endgame now that we’ve gotten a glimpse into that timeline.

Putting the larger MCU implications to the side, this looks like it is going to be another very fun Spidey film. Homecoming felt refreshing in the MCU because it played, on-screen, a bit more like a colorful comic book than others do. Far From Home looks to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and deliver even more from the comics. Elements of the trailer show this film is drawing inspiration heavily from Steve Ditko’s (artist and co-creator of Spider-Man) time one the comic. He originally drew Spidey with a red and black suit, not red and blue. Comic book artists use blue to shade and give dimension to objects that are otherwise entirely black. However, despite this being the intent, many readers saw it as the reverse, and eventually the colors became the red and blue we know now. Still, it’s very exciting to see a live-action incarnation of this look for the character.


Along with the new suit, the main baddie of this film was co-created by Steve Ditko. Mysterio’s first appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 from 1964. In that issue, he is introduced as a special effects genius who is looking to dethrone Spider-Man as the beloved hero of New York. He did so by impersonating Spider-Man and framing him for crimes. It looks like Far From Home will be borrowing elements from this, although we probably won’t see Jake Gyllenhaal dress up as the Web Head. This would be a funny callback to 2004 though, when Gyllenhaal was set to replace Toby Maguire in the role of Peter Parker due to a back injury.

It seems like Mysterio will be posing as a hero by fighting secondary villains such as Molten Man and Hydro Man (likely his illusions) alongside Spidey and shield. Whatever the MCU Mysterio’s motivations for this would be, they remain yet to be seen.  There’s so much to come on the Far From Home front, so stay tuned!

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