Godspeed is Coming to ‘The Flash’; Here’s What You Need to Know

Very exciting things are coming to The Flash this season. We will get to see Gorilla Grodd fight King Shark, Danielle Panabaker make her directorial debut, and Godspeed appear for the first time. Now, who is Godspeed? Well, fans have been not wanting, but expecting his appearance in The Arrowverse for quite some time. However time and time again the show has teased fans but it has not delivered, until now. Episode eighteen of The Flash is currently filming and the title of the episode has leaked. The episode will be called “Godspeed” and will take place in the future. Fans were still skeptical, thinking he might not appear, then set photos started to leak.

Godspeed, also known as August Heart, is another speedster. August became a detective partner of Barry’s and helped him with cases. However one day he gets caught in a lighting storm and gets struck by lightning. This gives him powers and he takes up the alter ego Godspeed. Most people think of Godspeed as a villain but he is not. He is, in fact, more of an anti-hero. Godspeed started out working with the Flash but after uncovering some details about the death of his brother, he goes off on his own. However, he ends up in Iron Heights and teams up with the Rogues. This is likely where we will find him in the show.

Danielle Panabaker must be a pretty savvy director because she knows what the fans want. Many fans were expecting Godspeed after the lightning storm in the season 3 finale. However since he has been late to the party, his main storylines have been given to other characters. For example, his detective partner storyline has been given to characters such as Julian, and now Nora. Also, Flash comes looking for his help in Iron Heights. This storyline was given to the Reverse Flash and Nora. So what purpose will Godspeed serve? Also, how will he fit in with the Cicada storyline?

One storyline they can pursue is he is immune to Cicada’s dagger or he is powerful enough to stop him so the heroes need his help. Another theory is that he is the son of the Reverse Flash. However, that one is more unlikely. Also in the future Cicada is actually rumored to be Grace as was teased earlier in the season. Maybe Godspeed is working with Grace however that one is also unlikely because he is a meta. Another interesting piece is that Arrow will also have an episode set in the future, so a crossover isn’t out of the question. Whatever Danielle Panabaker decides to go with, it will surely be the talking point of this season.

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