Emma Watson in Talks to Play Secondary Female Lead in ‘Black Widow’

With Black Widow’s first solo outing finally upon us, one can expect to start hearing about casting calls and actors/actresses being selected for roles. With the film slated to begin production in June, casting director Sarah Finn has begun to narrow down their list of stars to appear in the film. Top on this list is Emma Watson. The studio has called for someone who can portray a “kick ass female Bond”, and is capable of performing in a physically demanding role and also “feels similar” to Black Widow herself Scarlett Johansson.

The studio has been on the hunt for talent for the film since the end of last year, and a short list of front runners has came to light. It’s worth noting, this list is just partial and does not include everyone that is up for the role, and to our knowledge none of the stars have been offered the role. However, it does offer insight into what kind of actress they are looking for the movie and what kind film we’re going to be looking forward to.

Headlining this list is Emma Watson. Some prominent roles she’s known for is Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, also Disney Princess Belle in Disney’s live-action adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast, while also wrapping up filming on Little Women. Word is that the thought of Watson landing the role is gaining momentum within the studio and that her name is lead among the others in discussions between the film’s director Cate Shortland, Brad Winderbaum and Kevin Feige. 

The actresses Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures and the Netflix series Ratched, coming soon) and Dar Zuzovsky (Hostages, Neighborhood) also recently auditioned for the role in question, and left good impressions on the studio for the role. Florence Pugh, who is set to star alongside Emma Watson in Little Women, also remains in the running. The casting call for the role originally called for an actress in the 30-39 years old range, the leeway on the age shows that the studio is willing to expand their search to find the right lady for the job. It would definitely appear they now have a decent selection of talented actresses to choose from at this point.

Again, this is solely just who is in contention for the role right now, things in Hollywood change like the weather, so everything is subject to alterations of cancellations.

For now, go check out Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel on March 8 in a theater near you and keep on the MediaByte for further pop culture news!

Source: THS

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