‘Captain Marvel’ Ending Breakdown- Whats Next?

*Warning this article contains major SPOILERS for Captain Marvel*

Captain Marvel has officially hit theaters around the globe. While the film has garnered mixed reviews, all eyes lie on the future for the MCU. As previously confirmed, Captain Marvel has both a mid-credit scene and an end credit scene. Here is our complete breakdown of Captain Marvel’s ending, and once again major spoilers ahead.

Avengers: Endgame

Yes, Captain Marvel does connect directly with one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year, Avengers: Endgame. The mid credit scene features not one, not two, but four Avengers. It seems at the end of Infinity War the team was able to get their hands on Nick Fury’s pager. The scene starts out with Captain America and Black Widow in Avengers Headquarters in upstate NY looking at the rapidly decreasing world population. Then Rhodes interrupts them and says that the device has turned off. It is revealed that they have the pager and plugged it into a power source so it stays on. Banner is also there studying it but no one knows what it is.

Finally, Natasha says she wants to know if they find anything, she goes to leave and Captain Marvel is standing there. Carol utters the phrase “Where’s Fury?!”, and the scene ends. Now don’t worry if you missed this scene. Captain Marvel meeting the Avengers is too big a scene to remain in the end credits. It is likely a clip from Avengers: Endgame and will play again in the movie. So if you skipped Captain Marvel, or just didn’t stay till the end, you will still likely see this clip again in Avengers: Endgame.

There are a few big takeaways from this scene. First, Captain America still has his beard. This means it is likely early on in the film and takes place close to the end of Infinity War. Also, since Captain America doesn’t have a beard in any of the clips we’ve seen so far, Carol likely arrives before everything we have seen. This means speculation about an Avenger being removed in the trailers, may actually be Captain Marvel. Next, Captain Marvel does have a slightly new look. Her hair is in a blowout and it is slightly more blonde. She also still has a very deep bond for Fury, as it is the first thing she brings up.

Secret Invasion

Ever since the Skrulls were first announced to appear in the Captain Marvel film, many fans have speculated that Secret Invasion is indeed coming to the MCU. Now for those who don’t know what Secret Invasion is, it is one of the most famous Avengers storylines from the comics. Basically, Skrulls have the ability to shapeshift into any things they see. So after one of the Avengers dies, they are revealed to actually be a Skrull. This was an iconic reveal in the comics and started the Secret Invasion storyline. Where the Skrulls infiltrated Earth and disguised themselves as humans. The Avengers had to track down which humans and Avengers were Skrulls and how they got there.

Many fans want to see this happen in the MCU. For example, if Steve or Tony dies in Endgame and is revealed to be a Skrull, that would be instantly iconic. However, in the Captain Marvel movie, there is a twist that complicates the situation. In the movie, it is revealed that the Skrulls are actually the good guys and the Kree are the bad guys. In the comics, both the Skrulls and the Kree are bad, but the Skrulls have always been villains. But here they are just refugees, and Carol is helping them find a new home. So how are they going to do Secret Invasion, if the Skrulls aren’t villains? Well, we have a few theories.

One theory is that a group of rogue Skrulls could always break off and go to Earth. They could even have a good Skrull come to Earth and warn the Avengers about what is happening. A Skrull working with the Avengers could add an interesting power dynamic to the team. Also, the head Skrull Talos has a daughter. Many have already begun speculating that she is, in fact, Princess Veranke. Now in the comics, Veranke is the Skrull who leads Secret Invasion. In the movie, Talos’s daughter did see her father get shot, so maybe that turns her evil. However, they could also go with shes the one who helps the Avengers with Secret Invasion to repay Carol for helping her father.

Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel does a great job introducing plot points that could be explored in another movie. There are so many different directions Marvel could go with for the sequel. Now it is very likely Captain Marvel 2 will take place in the present. That means we will likely see older versions of characters that were introduced in this movie. One older character you can definitely count on seeing in the sequel is Monica Rambeau. Monica Rambeau is the daughter of Maria Rambeau and appears briefly in this film. In the comics, Monica Rambeau is a superhero named Photon. If the name Photon sounds familiar that’s because its the name of her mothers call sign in this movie. She can shoot photon blasts out of her hands and fly.

Another older character that could return for the sequel is Talos’s daughter. Talos’s daughter is a Skrull like her dad and has the ability to shapeshift. She could return to Earth to help Captain Marvel because she helped her and her parents. However, they could also make her a villain which would be pretty interesting. Doctor Minerva is another character almost guaranteed to be returning for the sequel. In this film, Minerva is a secondary villain to Jude Law’s played by Gemma Chan. In the comics, Doctor Minerva is a long time villain of Captain Marvel.

During Captain Marvel’s second time around she could also get an assist from an Avenger. Now it is difficult to predict this because we don’t know what Avengers will be left after Endgame. One Avenger that would be a good fit and would definitely make fans excited would be Black Widow. Maybe Carol needs help uncovering Skrulls so she goes to Black Widow for help. Also, if Captain America is still in the fold fans would love to see both captains team up to hunt Skrulls or whatever their after. Whatever they decide to do with the sequel I’m sure fans will flock to the cinema to see Carol’s latest adventure.

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Captain Marvel is currently playing in theaters, the next MCU entry is Avengers: Endgame which releases April 26th.

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