Marvel Studios Working On ‘What If’ Animated Series On Disney+

Another Marvel Studios project has been revealed to be in the works for the upcoming streaming service Disney+, and it’s reportedly an animated show based on the popular What If comics line, with Marvel Studios Kevin Feige overseeing it.

The What If comics demonstrate an alternate reality where a known moment in Marvel Comics history gets changed and we see the drastically different events that result from it. One of the episodes is reportedly based on What If? Vol.1 #47, where it asked: “What if Loki found the hammer of Thor?”

The actors of the characters might reprise their roles in a vocal capacity rather than physical. It will be an anthology series, with each episode asking a new question. It will most likely be based on what audiences have seen in the films, rather than directly adapting comic storylines.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the massive storytelling of the MCU. Kevin Feige expressed his excitement about the potential of Disney+.

“So it’s pretty exciting to be 10 plus years into the MCU and have an entirely new outlet to tell stories with new characters, with existing characters. And the way we like to do 90’s action movie, political thrillers, heist movies, you hear us talk about this all the time, and now we get to do play with a medium even more in a multi-episode arc, which we’re excited about.”

What if Tony Stark never went into Afghanistan in the first Iron Man? What if Captain America never crashed into the ice? These are the type of questions that can possibly be explored with a show like this.

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