Doom Patrol: Paw Patrol – Review

This series continues to surge forward with essentially zero missteps. “Paw Patrol” is the second episode in a two-parter in which our ragtag heroes must thwart an impending apocalypse brought on by an insane nihilistic cult. Yeah, the last episode was pretty wild. This episode puts the spotlight on Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) as she plays an integral role in the team’s mission to save the world.

Before I get any further I have to applaud Diane Guerrero for her performance in this episode. While she has done a phenomenal job throughout the series bringing all of Janes personalities to life this episode gives her a lot more time and focus than anything we’ve seen thus far. We see more of her past and some of what she’s been through. As this show has done from the beginning, the more layers that are peeled back from these characters the more I care about them, and Jane is certainly no exception. Seeing some of what she has endured brings more appreciation and understanding for who she is now.

Getting into more of the meat for this episode we’re presented with a series of flashbacks that have been meddled with due to time travel. This meddling causes a ripple effect that impacts the current day story thus propelling the plot forward. This episode is perhaps the most meta of the series and I absolutely love it. The way the audience is engaged and the way time travel and the butterfly effect are used is brilliant and witty.

Though this episode doesn’t drastically move the overarching plot forward we are given a bit more screen time with Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) and Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton). Seeing The Chief again is a relief albeit his presence is under strenuous circumstances. The reappearance of Mr. Nobody also brings some of my favorite lines and moments of the episode. His displays of power are some of my favorite elements of the show and make him feel incredibly unique.

Though this episode is a bit more focused on Jane and the apocalypse every character is still given enough time to bring their own moments. The on screen chemistry between everyone remains palpable, and there continues to be tons of laugh out loud moments. As with every episode so far the technical production side of things continues to impress. The sets, costumes, cinematography, and score all work wonders to bring the entire show to life.

Overall “Paw Patrol” is a slightly more focused episode that still brought the emotion, charm, and tone this series established in it’s pilot episode. While maybe not as exciting as the previous episode the trade off for character building and immensely clever storytelling are more than worth it. The ending also feels like it’s setting up some pretty major plot points to be explored in the coming episodes.

SCORE: 9/10

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