‘Shazam!’ Ending Explained

*Warning this article contains massive SPOILERS for Shazam!

Shazam! is the latest DCEU movie to hit theaters. It stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Mark Strong. The film is lots of fun and is being praised by both critics and fans. It is also set to have a very healthy run at the box office helped by the fact that it was a relatively cheap movie to make. All of this good news almost guarantees that the studio will want a sequel. The producers have even teased that the sequel will happen fast because they want the child actors to stay young. So here is our breakdown of what’s likely to happen in the sequel.

Mr. Mind and Doctor Sivana

Shazam! has two end credit scenes, while one is a throwaway scene, the other contains a very strong tease for a new villain team-up. At the end of the movie, Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana is in jail when he hears a sinister voice talking to him. It is then revealed that it is a worm named Mr. Mind who is able to communicate with him via a voice box. This was teased earlier in the movie when young Sivana was in the rock of eternity and it showed Mr. Mind imprisoned in a glass container. Later in the movie when Billy was in the rock of eternity it showed the same glass container but it was shattered. In the comics, Mr. Mind is able to crawl into peoples ears and control them. This is likely what he will do with Sivana to keep him under his control.

The Seven Realms

While Doctor Sivana and Mr. Mind are conversing in the prison, Mr. Mind mentions how he wants to rule the seven realms. This is a reference to the Seven Magiclands, a storyline currently going on in the Shazam! comic. The seven realms consist of The Gamelands, The Darklands, The Wildlands, The Funlands, The Wozenderlands, The Monsterlands, and The Earthlands which is where Shazam and his family are located. Now since this storyline is currently going on, not all the realms have been explored. The ones that have been explored are The Funlands, which is like a giant amusement park, The Gamelands, which is like a video game world, The Wildlands, which is like Zootopia, and The Earthlands, which is our realm.

The other lands have not been explored in the comics to date. However, it is mentioned that Mr. Mind comes from The Monsterlands. This was even teased in the movie when Shazam and the gang run into the room with all the doors. One person opens up a door and is attacked by an evil monster’s tentacles, that could be a reference to The Monsterlands. Another person opens up a door and finds a group of alligators playing cards, that is almost certainly a reference towards The Wildlands. While the Seven Realms would be awesome to see in the sequel, it would cost a lot of money to bring them to life, so let’s hope Shazam! does well at the box office.

Black Adam and The Shazam Family

To many fans disappointment, Black Adam was not seen or mentioned throughout the entire Shazam! movie. It was confirmed a while ago by Dwayne Johnson that he would not appear in the movie but many fans were still holding out hope. Now while casual moviegoers may not have picked them up, there were several hints towards the character. The first was when Billy was in the cave of eternity the wizard mentions how one of the chosen champions turned evil. This was, of course, a reference towards Black Adam. The second reference comes at the end of the movie when Billy turns the rest of his friends into the Shazam family.

Counting Billy and the rest of his friends, that makes six wizards overall. However, it is mentioned many times that there are seven wizards. So who is the seventh wizard? Black Adam perhaps? There are many directions they could go with this character. Since Black Adam is older, maybe he is an adult by the time we meet him. Or, maybe he is still a kid who transformed and never turned back. Black Adam also appears in the seven realms storyline in the comics. When he hears that Mr. Mind wants to open the Monsterlands, he reluctantly teams up with the Shazam Family to stop them. So perhaps Black Adam will be an anti-hero in the sequel.

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