Hawkeye Disney+ Series Reportedly In Development

In the latest of series reportedly in the works over at Disney, Hawkeye seems to be next to get his own chance to shine. Marvel is heading into the new streaming service with full speed, already having numerous series set up to be streamed on the service. Characters such as Vision/Scarlet Witch, Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have all been called up to have their own series as well.

The series has long been rumored to be in development over at Disney although no representatives for Marvel or Disney had commented on the matter. Representatives for Jeremy Renner, who has played Hawkeye since 2011, also declined to comment on the matter. According to Variety, the series will revolve around Hawkeye training Kate Bishop to take on the mantle after he reportedly retires from the role, an event identical to the one that had taken place in the comics. The show will feature an adventurous vibe as Kate Bishop learns to take on the mantle. Considering the series will probably take place post-Endgame, it’s safe to assume many references to the movie will be mentioned as the cinematic event looks to change up many things in the MCU.

Are you excited to see Hawkeye take on an increased role in the MCU? Who else should be getting a Disney+ series? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Variety

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