Doom Patrol: Jane Patrol – Review

This episode is all about Crazy Jane and well, to say the least, it’s crazy. A side note before I get into it, this review may be shorter than mine normally are for this series, mainly because there’s not a whole lot of non-spoilery stuff I can dive into for this. After the events of last week’s episode, Jane has receded into “The Underground”, a treacherous place deep within her own subconscious. Here she encounters many of her personas and dark traumas of her past.

I absolutely love the idea of this episode. Having essentially an entire episode take place in Jane’s mind is brilliant and honestly pulled off really well. Seeing a visual representation of what is happening beneath the surface is really fascinating. Each area that’s explored has a function and it’s really compelling learning more and more about Jane. We also get to see more of Jane’s personas than we ever have. With 20+ of them making an appearance (I scolded myself halfway through the episode for having not kept count) we also learn that not all of them look like Jane, some do and some don’t. While practically this makes sense for the show budget and filming, it also narratively works.

Diane Guerrero gives a spectacular performance in this episode. She always nails the aspect of embracing each of her personalities and does so again here. She also brings a metric ton of emotion to every scene she’s in. There are a lot of really dark and disturbing things throughout this episode and her responses to everything really make or break the episode, and luckily she knocks it out of the park.

I mentioned the dark, disturbing, and traumatic events that are on display here, and that’s what I can’t really go into much detail on. Just know that they further help flesh out her character, answer a lot of questions, and even give us a pretty big revelation. This episode also represents a big character moment for Jane as a whole in this seasons narrative.

Jane isn’t the only focus of this episode though, Cliff also gets a fair amount of spotlight. The episode leans on the relationship it’s built between these two characters since the beginning and it’s a great payoff. Cliff also adds some much needed comedic relief and it works wonders. This show continues to toe the line between deep and dramatic while maintaining the laugh out loud and absolute zaniness it’s had from the start.

Overall “Jane Patrol” is another great episode in a long and continuous list of great episodes. Extremely character focused, unique in its storytelling, genuinely scary at times and absurdly funny at others, you can’t help but enjoy what’s on display. As with every episode this season the production value remains on the top tier of comic book TV shows and it just boggles the mind that, nine episodes in, this series has essentially been on an incline in quality and shows no signs of slowing down.

 SCORE: 9/10

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