Kathleen Kennedy Confirms Lucasfilm Discussions About ‘Knights of the Old Republic’

Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, fans have been eager to see the Star Wars saga to go outside of the nine film period we are familiar with today. One direction fans have wanted the saga to go is backwards, thousands of years before The Phantom Menace in a period called the Old Republic. Now, Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that Lucasfilm is developing something in that time period.

In an interview with MTV, Kennedy confirmed that “We are developing something to look at.” regarding that time period. Kennedy also discusses female directors and the return of the Emperor (Ian McDiarmid). Take a look:

Fans familiar with the Old Republic time period will know that this was a time where thousands of Jedi and Sith were at war. This time period has been explored in the video games Knights of the Old Republic as well as The Old Republic. The former was released in 2003 and was a very popular RPG game, exploring new characters and stories that are dear in the hearts of fans. The latter was released in 2008 and is an MMORPG that still has updates today but is not considered part of the current Star Wars canon. It is assumed that anything Lucasfilm creates in this time period moving forward will have no direct ties to either game.

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Source: MTV

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