‘The Flash’ 7×18 “Godspeed” Review

*Warning this review contains spoilers for Season 5 Episode 18 of The Flash

Since The Flash first started back in 2014, fans have wanted to see the menacing villain Godspeed make an appearance on the show. When the set photos first leaked for this episode featuring Godspeed, fans were extremely excited to see him finally coming. While I really enjoyed this episode of The Flash, most fans will be disappointed. And that’s because Godspeed is the worst part of his own episode. There were many interesting and well-done things in this episode, sadly Godspeed was not one of them.

Now, where did the show go wrong with the hotly anticipated villain? Well, I feel the producers just didn’t have director Danielle Panabaker’s back. She clearly wanted to please the fans by introducing Godspeed however the producers wanted to continue with their arguably less interesting storyline. Therefore we ended up getting a Godspeed appetizer rather than a full course meal. Here, he is just a typical, easily defeated freak of the weak instead of an actual villain. Godspeed also has a very interesting origin story that this episode completely ignored. While he did look cool, I was distracted by the white lightning. He never had white lightning in the comics and it just didn’t look as cool. To all those fans who want to see Godspeed return as a full on villain, he was defeated so easily by Nora at the end of the episode, he will never be taken seriously as a legit threat to team Flash.

As far as the rest of the episode goes, I absolutely loved it. I thought Nora’s origin story was really interesting and well done. This episode of The Flash, let’s be nice here, is inspired by Silence of the Lambs, and it actually works. My favorite part of the episode was Nora conversing with the Reverse Flash. Not only was it interesting, but something we hadn’t really seen before. Even Nora finding out about her speed should have been cliche, but it actually ended up being pretty interesting. The mystery is simple but good, again besides the fact that they applied it to Godspeed. I also really liked how this episode plays as if team Flash was reading it out of Nora’s notebook. It was a different choice that ended up really working.

The acting in this episode was pretty standard. The only real standout was Jessica Parker Kennedy who gave a much more mature performance as Nora Allen. Sure, Nora’s wannabe girlfriend Lia was yet another CW token LGBT character, but Kathryn Gallagher did a good enough job playing her it ended up being ok. As for BD Wong as Godspeed, his voice just did not fit the character. It was not menacing enough especially when you compare it to Zoom or Reverse Flash. Heck, even The Rival who appeared briefly in Season 3, was more menacing than Godspeed. And for Tom Cavanaugh as the Reverse Flash, he was ok but I do wish Matt Letscher would return as the character, it just makes things less confusing.

Aside from Godspeed, fans were also really excited to see how actress Danielle Panabaker’s directing skills were. And I would say they weren’t bad, but they certainly weren’t great. I mean, when you think of how well Arrow has done with its future scenes, this episode just can’t compare. Central City looks pretty much exactly the same in 2049 as it does in 2019. Also, older Iris did not look nearly as good as the characters from Arrow do in their future getups. Furthermore, I feel Danielle Panabaker isn’t a great decision maker. For example, the white lightning may have been a good idea, however, when she saw how it looked on Godspeed, she should have realized that it just didn’t work. Also, why did she keep putting Godspeed in white rooms? He just kept blending in and it did not look good.

Overall, while this episode certainly had its problems, I really did enjoy it. I thought the whole Nora Allen origin story was great. Even the way it was told was unique and interesting. All the stuff surrounding the Reverse Flash was done really well. Jessica Parker Kennedy was able to give a surprisingly mature performance and the mystery was pretty solid. And yes, they did mess up Godspeed, however, he wasn’t a big part of the episode so it was fine. As for the bigger picture surrounding Godspeed, It is unfortunate that he will never be a real threat, but he could come back as another freak of the week.

Score: 8.5/10

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