‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ Trailer 2 Breakdown

*Warning this breakdown contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame

The new trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home has officially hit the internet and fans are filled with questions. It is now confirmed that the movie will take place after Avengers: Endgame and we even get to see what some of the impacts of that film were. The trailer also introduces ideas such as the multiverse, a new Iron Man, and Mysterio being a good guy. So here is your full breakdown for Spider-Man Far From Home trailer 2.

Remembering Tony Stark

The trailer begins with Peter mourning over the loss of Tony Stark. Tony was like a father figure for Peter so it makes sense that Peter is still sad about his death. It also seems that the world is also sad about Iron Man’s death seeing how we see multiple memorials for him throughout the trailer. Happy Hogan is also sad about what happened and I wonder if Happy and Peter will grow closer to one another because of it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if maybe Pepper and even Morgan make a cameo in the movie seeing how Tony centric this movie seems to be. However with the multiverse now in play you never know, Tony from another Earth could always show up. I also wouldn’t be surprised if maybe Tony made himself into an AI program and that would allow RDJ to stick around without lessening the impact of his death.

The Multiverse Confirmed (Maybe)

Many Marvel fans have been wanting to see the multiverse in the films for a while now and it looks like they might finally do it. In the trailer, Nick Fury informs Peter that Mysterio is a hero from another Earth trying to hunt down the elementals. In the comics, Mysterio has been associated with the multiverse so it would make sense for Marvel to introduce it in this movie. This could also lead to the introduction of the fan favorite Miles Morales who got his own multiverse movie last year.  They could also have fun alternate versions of characters we already know which would certainly give fans a lot to talk about. However, in the comics, Mysterio is also known to be a liar and a con man so it is a possibility that he could be making all of this up.

Mysterio, Good or Bad?

One question fans have had since the very first trailer dropped was where Mysterio’s loyalties lie. Many people are confused about if he is good, or if he is bad?  So far in the trailers, it seemed like he is helping Peter take down the elementals. However, in the comics, he has always been a villain. Despite the trailers, I still believe that Mysterio will be a villain in this movie. Mysterio is known to be an illusionist and a trickster, so it’s likely that he is posing as a hero to trick Peter Parker and perhaps Nick Fury. It could also be that there is no Nick Fury or elementals and it is all an illusion conjured up by Mysterio. There have also been rumors that Mysterio is actually future Peter Parker from another universe, but after the death of MJ, he was turned evil. Jake Gyllenhaal does look a lot like Tom Holland and has been seen wearing a wedding ring.

The New Iron Man

Throughout the trailer, it is mentioned that Peter needs to step up and take Iron Man’s place. In the beginning, the cops that Peter is with even say that he is basically the new Iron Man. Also, he is seen wearing Tony’s signature glasses in the trailer. I have mixed feelings about this. First off I don’t know why everyone is so eager to replace Iron Man. I mean, I don’t know if Iron Man can ever or should ever be replaced. Maybe Tony left a message to Peter saying that it is up to him to take over the Iron Man mantel. However, I think Peter Parker and Tony Stark are polar opposites. Tony is a rich overly confident dreamer while Peter is a down to Earth humble and kind of shy hero. There is nothing wrong with being Spider-Man and I do not want to see Peter become “Tony Stark”. However, I bet Tony will show up in this movie one way or another.

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