Top 10 Episodes of ‘Arrow’ Season 7

Arrow Season 7 has officially come to an end. Season 7 has actually been one of the shows best containing a number of good episodes. Not all episodes were perfect, however there were a couple really unique and innovative ones. There was also a number of action-packed and emotional episodes. You might not agree with all our picks and where they fall, but hey that’s the fun of it. So let’s take a look at our top 10 episodes of Arrow Season 7.

10. The Longbow Hunters

Season 7 episode 2 of Arrow was a very strong followup to the stellar season premiere. It featured a number of good action sequences and performances. The end fight on the train was fantastic and the showdown between the Canaries and the Silencer was very inventive. In fact, The Longbow Hunters were a very compelling and unique group of villains its a shame they didn’t appear more. The prison sequences in this episode were also entertaining. Overall this was a very strong episode.

9. The Demon

“The Demon” was the leadup of the first four episodes of Oliver’s prison story. All this time Oliver was trying to get to the Demon. Everyone knew that the Demon was going to be someone from Oliver’s past and it turned out to be Talia al Ghul. It was also revealed that the prison was conducting illegal experiments on its prisoners which upped the ante for the show. The comradery between Felicity, Laurel, and Dinah was another great part of the episode. And of course, the end fight sequence is one of the season’s best.

8. Lost Canary

“Lost Canary” was a hotly anticipated episode. It was announced beforehand that there would be an episode that focused on the Canaries and it did not disappoint. The Canaries have become very popular with the Arrowverse fandom and this episode gave us everything we loved. It stared the four Canaries including White Canary as they tried to redeem Laurel. This episode was very entertaining with the four Canaries offering up some pretty awesome action sequences. And the end reveal with Laurel in her classic costume was pretty spectacular all on its own.

7. Star City Slayer

This episode of Arrow decided to take a horror spin and it worked out brilliantly. The creepy sets and music really added to the overall mood of the episode. The mystery was also quite compelling and the reveal that Stanley was the murder was great. Stanley’s plan as a whole was actually fantastic the way it came together just perfectly. Also, the team was all put in grave danger throughout this episode making me wonder if some characters weren’t going to make it out alive.

6. You Have Saved This City

The season finale of Arrow offered up some great moments throughout. The first half of this episode is action packed with the final showdown between Emiko and Oliver. There are also a number of great guest stars in this episode including Arsenal, Bronze Tiger, Laurel Lance in her original costume, and the return of Curtis. We also get the epic conclusion to the future storyline and the birth of a new team. The second half of this episode takes a more dramatic turn featuring Mia Smoak’s origin and Oliver’s sacrifice to the monitor.

5. The Slabside Redemption

Oliver’s prison arch comes to an epic end in this thrilling episode. After Diaz infiltrates Slabside Oliver most do whatever it takes to defend the prison. Director James Bamford once again elevated the show to new heights with stunning action sequences and an epic storyline that certainly satisfied fans. This episode finally got to knock down the line of dominos that the previous episodes set up and it was truly glorious. Many Arrow fans called this one of the best episodes of all time and while we definitely agree that this is a fantastic episode, there are a few more that were able to top this one.

4. Star City 2040

“Star City 2040” was the big episode for the flash forwards. Ever since they were first introduced in the season premiere the flash forwards captured fans attention. This episode was perfectly crafted featuring amazing set designs that perfectly captured the dystopian future of Star City. The story was also very ambitious and almost seemed like something out of a movie. Furthermore, the cast was able to sell this storyline perfectly with older versions of their characters.

3. Confessions

When this episode first started I did not expect “Confessions” to be not only one of the best episodes of the season but of the whole show. However, as the episode unfolded I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it ends. The mystery in this episode is so perfect it allowed the audience to follow along as the police interrogate each suspect. There were so many twists and turns throughout this episode that the reveal was genuinely shocking. This episode was one of the most unique and fun episodes of the season.

2. Emerald Archer

“Emerald Archer” celebrated the 150th episode of the show and it sure gave us something to celebrate. This episode actually felt like a celebration of the whole show with its fantastic cameos and great action sequences. It even had a fitting storyline about vigilantism that has been a hot topic throughout the whole show. Also, the way it was shot as if it was filmed through the documentary cameras was a great and unique way to engage viewers.

1. Inmate 4587

I would honestly say that “Inmate 4587” is not only one of the best episodes of Arrow but all of television. This episode is perfect in so many ways, from the action sequences, to the acting, to the directing, to the storytelling, its just perfect. Even the way director James Bamford shot this episode it just seemed more cinematic. From the opening credits to the final battle, this episode is dark and sophisticated. All the storylines are well balanced and have perfect resolutions. The story is done so well in this episode it actually made me cry at the end. You know the episode is good when you find yourself in tears by the end.

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