New Details About ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ & More Revealed

Yesterday the CW held their annual CW Upfront presentation. They featured many of their upcoming shows such as Katy Keene, Nancy Drew, and more. However, what really captured fan’s attention was new details and reveals surrounding the Arrowverse’s upcoming slate of shows. They revealed the first trailer for Batwoman, new details about the next crossover, and a brand new animated show. This has gotten people very excited and we are going to break it all down!


The biggest reveal by far and away was the new stills and the first trailer for Batwoman.  They also confirmed that the show is coming this fall and will air on Sunday nights before Supergirl. Before they released the new trailer two new stills for the show surfaced. One of the new stills featured Kate Kane in the Batcave with the Batsuit behind her, confirming that Batman does indeed exist within the Arrowverse. This excited many fans and set the stage for the trailer, and while the trailer garnered mixed reactions overall, many people will be watching this series closely when it drops.

Some people didn’t like the more feminist aspects to the trailer however others thought it fit with the character. Also, it was confirmed by the trailer that the show would focus on the character being part of the LGBT community. Batwoman has always been a very important character for the LGBT community and it seems like they are handling those elements of the show respectfully, at least so far. The trailer also promised tons of action and what looked to be a compelling origin story. Aside from Batwoman, Alice, Luke Fox, and Jacob Kane also were featured.

Deathstroke (Animated Series)

To many fan’s surprise, the CW announced a new animated series in the works featuring Deathstroke. The series is being developed on the CW Seed along with new seasons of Vixen and The Ray. There is no word yet on if Manu Bennet will reprise his role or if someone else will supply the voice. Some fans were disappointed that there won’t be a live action show, however the CW is probably restricted due to there being a new live-action Deathstroke in Titans season 2.  Nevertheless, this is very exciting news and it will be interesting to see how this project takes shape.

New Crisis on Infinite Earths Details

While the Batwoman and Deathstroke news certainly got people excited, the new Crisis on Infinite Earths details really sent fans over the moon. It was revealed that in total the crossover will be 5 hours long and will take place over 2 quarters. It will also feature all five of the Arrowverse shows including Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Some people were confused about what they meant by it taking place over 2 quarters. It probably means that one half of the crossover will take place in December 2019 and leave off on a cliffhanger. Then the remainder of the crossover will pick up January 2020.

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