Top 10 Episodes of ‘The Flash’ Season 5

Overall The Flash Season 5 turned out to be a very mixed bag. Some of the episodes were pretty solid and enjoyable while others not so much. Nevertheless, there was still a lot of good this season. Some of the things we look for in the good episodes are the story, the acting, the emotion, and of course action sequences. You may not agree with all our picks or the order however that’s the fun part, and we look forward to hearing your opinions either down below or on our social media.

10. Nora

The Season 5 premiere started the new season off strong with a very solid episode. This was our first introduction to the zany Nora West-Allen aka XS. We also got to see Team Flash in action solving a very compelling meta case. In addition to the main cast, Wally West also stared which is always a plus. This episode also contained a number of good action sequences especially the final one which was really impressive. The comradery between the West-Allen family was very nice and added a fun new dynamic to the show.

9. What’s Past is Prologue

The 100th episode of The Flash was a very hotly anticipated episode. It was directed by Tom Cavanaugh and would feature Barry and Nora traveling through time. As the 100th episode, it is a little underwhelming however as a stand-alone episode it’s pretty solid. Seeing Barry return to some of the key events throughout the show was fun to watch and it was interesting to see them from another point of view. Come to think of it it actually shares a lot of similarities to the Avengers: Endgame time travel however not done nearly as well. Nevertheless still a good episode.

8. The Death of Vibe

Many people were skeptical if Cisco or Vibe would die in this episode when the title was revealed. And no, both Cisco and Vibe made it out alive. And while the title is a little misleading the episode is still pretty solid. This episode introduced Sherloque Wells and overall had a very mysterious vibe to it which worked. I also thought their plan to stop Cicada was actually pretty smart. This episode also contained a pretty sweet end fight between Flash, Vibe, and Cicada.

7. Gone Rogue

The Rogues Gallery have always captured fans attention on the show for many reasons. All the different powers, costumes, and personalities really make for a fun villainous team up. And this episode is no exception. Seeing Nora take a villainous turn and form her own of Rogues was pretty interesting even if the Rogues themselves were a bit underwhelming. There was also a number of twists in this episode and some are done quite well. Even the subplot with Caitlyn and Ralph was enjoyable.

6. King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd

Ever since Nora put the idea of King Shark battling Gorilla Grodd in our heads we had to see it. And on that front, this episode certainly did not disappoint. It features one of the most epic battles in the history of television. When this was announced many fans wondered if the CW would have the budget to pull something like this off, and it turns out they did. The CGI in this episode was very well done and really sold the action. The story in this episode is only ok however we got to see King Shark fight Gorilla Grodd so who cares.

5. Seeing Red

“Seeing Red” was actually a surprisingly action-packed episode of The Flash. It begins with Team Flash taking on Cicada and Nora getting injured in the battle. This was nice because it is good to have some consequences every once and a while even if they are only temporary. There were also a lot of new and old metas featured in this episode which was fun to see. Ralph also got some things to do which was great because he is one of the shows most underrated characters.

4. Memorabilia

The high concept episodes tend to be the best ones and this is a perfect example of that. Nora entering Grace’s mind was a fascinating idea that made for a very interesting episode. It was also cool to see Barry and Iris enter Nora’s mind and discover things about her past. All the stuff surrounding the Flash museum was also pretty awesome. Overall the high concept made this a pretty interesting episode.

3. Cause and XS

“Cause and XS” was yet another high concept episode that worked out extremely well for this show. Yes, this was kind of ripping off “Here I Go Again”, one of the best episodes of Legends of Tomorrow however it had enough new ideas to be somewhat original. The Groundhog Day time loop type situations work really well on these shows and create really interesting situations. I loved how a different person died every time Nora ran back in time. I also loved how Cisco could Vibe the other timelines and see what he did wrong on his date. Really great idea and pretty good execution.

2. Failure is an Orphan

I did not expect this episode to be anywhere near as good as it was. However, I was shocked at how good this episode turned out. It was everything the show should be. I loved the darker tone and thrilling action sequences. This episode also had a really compelling mystery which the show rarely has. Also, the final fight in star labs with Cicada 2 is amazing. It actually gave me chills that’s how good the end of this episode is.

1. Legacy

The season finale of season 5 was absolutely perfect. In fact, after watching the finale it made me feel better about the entire season. It was able to wrap up the Cicada storyline perfectly and set up a new mini storyline with the Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash is the best part of this episode and it just further proves that he is this show’s ultimate villain. Also, it had a great Crisis on Infinite Earths tease and an amazing final action sequence. It also had a great cliffhanger and took some bold moves which I appreciated.

So what do you think of our list? What was your favorite episode? And what were your favorite parts of the season? Comment down below and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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