‘Arrow’ Season 8 Top 5 Ideas

*Warning this article contains SPOILERS for Arrow Season 7

As Arrow Season 7 ends its time to look to the future to see what Season 8 might have in store for us. Now season 8 is the final season of Arrow and as HBO knows final seasons can be hard. Not everyone is going to be pleased with how the show ends however if the show includes at least some of our suggestions the episodes will at least be enjoyable. So here are our suggestions, predictions, and hopes for Arrow Season 8.

1. Oliver’s Story

At the end of the season 7 finale, the Monitor takes Oliver into his portal to go on a mission. This mission is likely having to do with the crisis that is supposedly coming. However, I do not want the final season of Arrow to be Oliver traveling to different worlds and helping the Monitor. That is just not what Arrow is about, for the final season I want the show to go back to its roots. Arrow is always about Oliver saving Star City and I think to go from saving a city to saving the universe is to big a step. Something like that would work for the crossovers or for shows like The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, but not really Arrow. And as far as the future storyline, I would forget about it because this final season should focus on just ending the present storyline.

What most people considered to be the best seasons of Arrow focused on Oliver dealing with a very personal fight. I want to see Oliver return to Star City and save it one last time. Or maybe, have Star City save him. I would love it if maybe the main villain put a bounty on his head and there were a number of different villains after him. There just needs to be a story that pushes the boundary of what the show can be but doesn’t make it into something it’s not. I also want the show to go back to seasons 1 and 2 Oliver where he is more violent and can get the job done. And please no more redemption arcs, they have been used too many times before and they’re just not interesting anymore.

2. Team Arrow

Team Arrow has always been a really important part of the show. However, while I do enjoy the team quite a bit, I want this final season to focus on Oliver. I don’t need each team member having their own side arcs and storylines. If they can fit into the story great, if not just don’t include for that episode. I would also love to see the team finally step up to the plate without Oliver leading it, however, that’s how season 4 began and it didn’t go well. It would also be great to see some old members return such as Huntress, Vixen, Ragman, White Canary, Nyssa, and maybe Curtis. There also needs to be some deaths as well for emotional purposes. However, they really backed themselves into a corner with these future episodes because now we know who lives and who probably doesn’t

3. The Villain(s)

As far as the villain goes, I think it should hands down be Tommy Merlyn. Ever since he died in the season 1 finale I have wanted him to return as a villain. The actor is also willing to return as he has popped up a number of times throughout the show lately but the character has never properly returned. And what would be a better villain for the final season then Oliver’s life long friend who died blaming Oliver for his death? And while Tommy is technically dead, no one really stays dead in the Arrowverse so it’s fine to bring him back. I also want whoever the villain is to be pure evil. No redemptions. They should also be Oliver’s equal and be able to put up a good fight. I would also love to see some old villains return for nostalgia sake, those that are still alive anyway.

4. Darker Tone

One of the reasons people loved the first two seasons of Arrow and even the beginning of season 7 was the darker tone. I’m not saying Oliver has to kill people, however, if he did I would not complain, but he shouldn’t hold back. Team Arrow certainly pulled their punches when it came to Emiko and I do not want that to happen for the final season. I also would like the show to be visually darker. Not just darker, but more interesting and complex. So often the team is just fighting in a bland warehouse or a boring alley. I want the fight sequences to be more interesting. I really think the producers of Arrow should take note of the new John Wick movie, I feel there are a number of good elements from that movie that would work great on the show.

5. The Ending

Endings are not easy and the last thing Arrow needs is to anger its remaining fans. We have been with these characters for eight years and we deserve an epic conclusion. Not just the final episode, but all 10 episodes of season 8 should be packed with action, emotion, and big reveals. I feel the most important thing is to make sure these characters are treated with respect. Also, every episode should be important, there is no time for filler episodes. Another thing is this show should come full circle. I want a finale that not only wraps up Oliver’s story these past couple seasons, but the whole show.

What do you want to see in Arrow season 8? What storylines do you want to see wrapped up? And how do you think the show should end? Comment down below and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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