‘Marvel’s Avengers’: Early Thoughts and Character Wishlist

Nearly two days ago, the eagerly anticipated Avengers project hailing from Square Enix finally made its debut to the world at this year’s E3 presentation after years of being in development. While initial reactions were ones of endearment and wonder considering this game has been in the shadows for way too long, the hype wasn’t as expected as many thought it would be. Some fans are complaining that the in-game looks of the characters are a weird middle ground between trying to implement a comic accurate look for some characters while employing some elements of the MCU. This has lead to some awkward looking characters, name Captain America’s bulky suit and Black Widow’s face design in the game.

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While these might seem like legitimate complaints, the game is still eleven months away from release. That’s plenty of time to tinker with the character designs and possibly improve on any other aspects fans might have been complaining about. Although a few fair points were made, the over saturation of the MCU in today’s media industry might have been a primary factor in why the main complaint revolves around character designs. Most, if not all, fans might have been expecting a face model of Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man or Chris Evans for Captain America but these characters exist on different mediums other than the movies and getting approval for these face designs might be an expensive leisure that Marvel Games doesn’t necessarily need. Surely, with the inclusion of character customization and the ability to add gear, fans can expect to see suits more reminiscent of the MCU when they’re made available in the game. Not to mention the developers already confirming that they’ve heard the early feedback and are willing to improve upon the character designs leading up to the game’s release next May.

The story portrayed in the trailer seems exciting and while the gameplay has yet to be revealed, the trailer was a great first look at a game that truly has the potential to be as popular as Sony’s Spider-Man game released late last year. The inclusion of free DLC, lack of microtransactions, and multi-year support are great selling points considering the current-gen consoles are at the end of their shelf life and their successors have already been confirmed to be in development.

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As for the characters, Marvel has already confirmed an ever-growing list of characters to be included in the game. Whether or not the characters are central to the story or just appear as playable characters after the conclusion of the campaign mode has yet to be seen. A noticeable snub that wasn’t seen in the trailer was Hawkeye, who is usually considered a core Avenger on various platforms. While his disappearance has garnered some early complaints, Bill Rosemann, creative director of Marvel games has seemingly confirmed that Hawkeye fans won’t be disappointed:

While the roster is set to include many characters, here are five characters that I think should show up in-game:

Doctor Strange

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With the inclusion of the core Avengers, some magic would probably be needed considering the game is set to include various villains hailing from different backgrounds. None other than the Sorcerer Supreme is better equipped to take on these characters and lend a helping hand to the Avengers. Fans would surely be interested in learning some button combinations to perform different spells and try them out in-game.

Black Panther

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To truly make the game feel global, the King of Wakanda would be a logical choice to include in the game. Coming off a massively successful box office run in 2018, the hype for the character has never been higher and would be a nice nod to inclusion in not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe but the gaming universe as well. Learning more about Black Panther’s lore while having a few references to the Illuminati with Tony Stark and Doctor Strange would be interesting to see considering the character is expected to have his own sequel in the coming years.

The X-Men

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Obviously, the X-Men make up more than one character. References to the X-Men or the inclusion of some X-Men characters or characters affiliated with the X-Men could add another layer of awesome to this game. Considering the games belonging to Marvel aren’t tied up in copyrights and character right distributions to certain studios, this could be Marvel’s chance to run wild with a fully fledged universe until these characters show up in their respective cinematic universe. Imagine a DLC mission where a few of the Avengers could head to Charles’s school and interact with Professor X, Wolverine, or Cyclops for a mission briefing where any of these characters could be playable.

The Inhumans

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Again, the Inhumans are a race of experimental beings stemming partly from the Kree experimenting on humans long ago and not one specific character. In their current iteration, an Inhuman is anyone who develops powers and extraordinary abilities after being exposed to Terrigen. In the trailer, a young female was heard speaking about how great it was to meet someone’s heroes and how (after the apparent death of Captain America) giving up is never an option. During the trailer itself, we saw a blue reactor-like material placed onto a ship that pulsated blue waves as it hit the water under the Golden Gate bridge. It’s not outlandish to assume the reactor was actually a block of Terrigen and the game’s unnamed villain could potentially be building up an army of Inhumans to conquer the Earth. No group of characters would be better to help the Avengers stop this foe than the Inhumans, considered the royalty of the species. Characters such as Black Bolt would be refreshing to see in the game considering Marvel’s attempt to have them flourish on screen hasn’t worked out, resulting in a movie cancellation and a series cancellation only one season after its debut. It would be a nice analogy to have Marvel include characters such as Black Bolt or Lockjaw to show that Marvel hasn’t given up on these characters as well.


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This curveball of the list. Although many characters are probably more deserving of an in-game look, this relatively unknown character might be a nice strategic move by Marvel by including him in the game. It’s safe to assume that fans of the MCU and gaming will be making their way to stores next year to pick up this game. A Shang-Chi movie has also been confirmed to be fast-tracked at Marvel Studios. The average fan of the MCU (and even some comic book fans) might not know much, if at all, about Shang-Chi. Marvel could easily take advantage of this situation by including him in a secondary role in the game while explaining some elements of his lore and providing an interesting backstory. Marvel fans, curious to know more about the character, would easily build up hype around him and make his upcoming Phase 4 movie much more desirable.

Honorable Mention: Spider-Man

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Spider-Man has already had a successful outing in his own game released in late 2018 but with the idea of a cinematic universe already being wildly successful in cinema, Marvel could easily build up a gaming universe by including the character or at least a few references to him in-game. Although the story mostly took place in Spider-Man’s hometown in New York, there have been instances where he has been to other towns, namely San Francisco. Fans shouldn’t expect any playtime for the character if he does plan to show but it would be nice seeing him in a cutscene with the Avengers to truly cement the idea of inter-connectedness on various media platforms for Marvel.

What do you think of this list? Who else would you like to see included in-game? Comment below!

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