‘New Gods’: A Wishlist For The Upcoming DC Film

Recently, fans of DC Comics went into an uproar when news broke that Tom King, the current writer of the ongoing Batman series, would be exiting the book 15 issues prematurely. Later, the writer announced he would be joining Ava DuVernay to write the upcoming New Gods film, and fans rejoiced. King wrote the critically acclaimed, award-winning miniseries Mister Miracle alongside artist Mitch Gerads, who provided mind-bending illustrations. It was reported a while back that New Gods would focus heavily on Mister Miracle and Big Barda, who just so happen to be the main characters in the series by King and Gerads. With Tom going to work on the film, it’s hard for us not to believe that elements of the comic will be carried over to the big screen, and there are some we are dying to see:

Darkseid is.

The iconic, recurring panel through the entire series. “Darkseid is.” Darskeid is this seemingly unstoppable force of evil. He is entropy. He just is. We want to see frames intercut into the film – only black with “Darkseid is.” in white text (this idea coming from @BatmanFiles). It would be an excellent translation of this panel’s continuous presence if the frames were sporadically dropped throughout the length of the film. They could aid the narrative of the movie tremendously, building up to an epic confrontation with Darkseid.

Darkseid Is Cropped.jpg

Art Style

Mitch Gerads brings a very unique flavor of illustration to the table in Mister Miracle. Not only does he pay Jack Kirby (the original creator of the New Gods) the utmost respect in handling his characters, he builds upon the groundwork that Kirby laid. In times of immense gravity and tension in the comic, Gerads uses TV-tube glitch-like effects to distort panel frames, characters within them, and sometimes text. It enhances the reader’s experience by visually forcing on them the intensity of the moment. Since the effect was derived from digital media, there is no question that this could be used as a visual effect in the film.

MM Glitch.jpg

Character Interactions

In Mister Miracle, Tom King juxtaposes the epic grandeur of a silver-age comic book adventure with, at times, cripplingly relatable interactions between Scott Free, Big Barda, and their supporting cast. The creative team behind the book grounds these bombastic characters in such a way that deconstructs the superhero genre and brings them to a point where the reader feels they can level with the character; not because it makes the readers feel any more super, but because it reassures them that heroes are like us. With DC seemingly focusing on more standalone films, Tom King could bring some serious weight to the dialogue in the film.

MM Stuck In Traffic.jpg

Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing a straight adaptation of the book. If that doesn’t happen, these key elements are what we most want to see make the cut. Are there any specific moments from the comic you want to see played out on-screen? Let us know in the comments as well as on Twitter and Instagram!

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