Blackfire Rumored To Appear In ‘Titans’ Season 2

Launching in October 2018, Titans season 1 had a handful of mysteries for viewers throughout its 11 episodes.  Perhaps one of the most prominent of these mysteries would be the history of Starfire’s character on the show.  Kori Anders, from the season’s beginning, is afflicted with amnesia, leaving the origins of her character generally unknown.  In the penultimate episode of the season, “Koriand’r,” we learned about the basics of Starfire’s past.

In the Titans universe, Koriand’r is a warrior from the planet Tamaran sent to Earth to kill “the Raven” before she can be a gateway for her father, Trigon, to destroy Earth and Tamaran.  Beyond what is shown in the episode, Starfire’s past is still left vague at the season’s conclusion, with not much specified about her origins besides her mission objective revealed in episode 10.  According to Lance Ausfresser, an inside source, we’ll be getting to know Starfire a bit more with the introduction of a new character: her sister Blackfire, or Komand’r.

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Introduced in New Teen Titans #22, Komand’r was the firstborn of the Tamaranean royal family.  She was refused the throne because of her inability to harness ultraviolet radiation into flight, as well as a massacre of Tamaraneans killed in her name.  When her sister Koriand’r, or Starfire, is given her birthright, a scorned Komand’r develops a hatred for her sister that established their rivalry in the comics.

Not much is known about how Komand’r will be adapted onto the show, if the rumor is true; only that Blackfire will have a vendetta with her sister, like in the comics.  It is unclear how she would factor into the plot of the story this coming season, but it is likely she could either be a side villain in the present day or a character in flashbacks to further develop Starfire’s character, as well as expand the Titans interpretation of Tamaran and its people.

How do you think Blackfire could play a role in Titans season 2?  Who would you cast as Komand’r?  Are you excited for the new season of Titans?  Let’s discuss on social media or in the comments!

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