Big Arrowverse News Breakdown

Some big announcements, photos, and news have been revealed regarding the CW’s Arrowverse. New plot points have been hinted at and discussed, new costumes have been revealed, and interviews with the cast have been released and provide some interesting insight into each show’s next season. There’s a lot to cover, and so for this breakdown, we’ll be going through each show one by one, discussing each piece of news that has been provided. There will be spoilers for each series, some mild and some less mild, so keep that in mind as you read. Sound good? Good.

“[When] they offered me the job [on Arrow], if they had said, ‘Yeah, you can have the job, but you have to pay us $5,000 per episode just to be in the show’ I would’ve been like, ‘Yeah, okay. Sure, I’ll do that,'” says Amell of landing the role of a lifetime as Oliver Queen in 2012. “Arrow was the most important thing in my entire life by a wide margin. And then I got married, and it became the co-most important thing in my life. Then my wife and I had [our daughter], and Arrow dropped to number three, but I f–ing care a lot about it. I really, really do. I think about it all the time.” 

Beginning with the franchise’s inceptor Arrow, most of the big news concerns the series’ final season, which is set to see Steven Amell’s Oliver Queen working for a being called ‘the Monitor’ in order to save the entire multiverse from some sort of big, universe-ending event. However, there’s set to be a tragic twist to their actions. According to the Monitor, Oliver will is prophesied to perish in his attempt to stop the multiverse’s destruction, something that the character knows and will have to deal with throughout the season.

Fans of the comics might recall the Monitor as a major figure in DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, also a multiverse-ending cataclysmic event which is set to get a television adaptation through the Arrowverse in late 2019. This essentially confirms that Crisis is what the season is building up to, which makes sense since it will be the Arrowverse’s biggest crossover yet. 

In addition to the Crisis info, it was announced last Spring that Emily Bett Rickards, who stars as Felicity Smoke in Arrow, has filmed her last episode, which will also reportedly bring an end to her character’s relationship with Oliver. It’s a big change; the character was introduced in the first season and promoted to a series regular in season two, but it seems that their relationship isn’t the only thing that’ll end. A lot of big things are happening for the series, a sentiment that seems to be replicated by The Flash.

“I get to be the Flash on TV, surrounded by all these other superheroes and it’s something I never want to take for granted,” says The Flash‘s leading man. 

Executive Producer on The Flash Eric Wallace is taking over as showrunner for the show’s sixth season, and is excited to emphasize certain parts of the show’s tone. “If season 4 was a little bit more humor and season 5 was a little bit more spectacle, in season 6 we’ll have a little more heart. I want to deepen character emotions,” This seems to be in line with the finale of season five, which saw the passing of Barry Allen’s daughter Nora. According to Wallace, Barry and Iris’ coping of the tragedy will underline the entire season, and provide new challenges for them both as individuals and as a couple.

Like Arrow, the series will also be majorly affected by Crisis. The first half of the season will be a lead-up to the crossover, and the latter half will be everyone’s reaction to it. What exactly this means isn’t clear yet, but it isn’t the only thing that the heroes will have to face. Barry’s new antagonist, dressed in a white and gold Flash-like suit, hasn’t had his identity revealed yet, but what we do know is that he is indeed a male and that he is from the comics. In addition, he apparently holds some sort of emotional connection to Barry through the personal arcs they’re both experiencing throughout the season, which is set to make him one of the more personal villains that the Flash has faced.

“The first big [crossover] with the aliens, that one was really fun,” says Lotz. “When we did the wedding scene [in 2017’s “Crisis on Earth-X”], sort of getting the old Arrow crew back together was really fun. I’m curious to see how [the next one, ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’] is going to go because it’s going to be bigger than all the other ones.”

Some interesting developments are also happening for Caity Lotz’s character White Canary in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. According to Lotz, “Sara will get a magical illness, which will turn into a superpower,” says Lotz. “She’ll learn how to make it a superhero power, which won’t necessarily be a good thing. It’s going to come with its challenges for sure.” In addition to her struggle with new powers, the shuttering of the Time Bureau means that Sara and the rest of the Legends will be the timeline’s only line of defense against its various threats, which is sure to pose new challenges for the team.

“I feel like up until now I haven’t really been given the opportunity to play a character that has these dynamics of such severe trauma and such heartbreak and betrayal and loss,” says Rose, who made her debut as Kate Kane in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover. “She’s heavy. She has a really heavy heart for a lot of very valid reasons.”

The final bits of information that has been revealed were in regards to Ruby Rose’s Batwoman series. Not much has been announced yet, though several pictures have been released, and Rose has discussed her thoughts on the role. “I feel like up until now I haven’t really been given the opportunity to play a character that has these dynamics of such severe trauma and such heartbreak and betrayal and loss,” It sounds like the live-action adaptation of Kate Kane is set to be just as brooding as her comic-book counterpart, which will likely delight fans of the character. She does have a brighter side, though. “She loves love. There’s not a lot that she wouldn’t do for love, and I am much the same in that regard.”

Every CW Arrowverse show is returning in October, beginning with Batwoman’s premiere on Sunday, October 6th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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