About Us/Meet The Team

The team at MediaByte has existed for over 4 years. Originally called “Comic Drops” and eventually “The Drop News”, we had the privilege to bring the latest news in the world of entertainment to 1.5 million unique readers over the course of 2016. At the end of the year we decided to discontinue our our coverage for multiple reasons. Since then, we’ve noticed an increase of click bait to get clicks/readers, all of which we as a team would like to help put an end to.


We are determined to bring you clear and concise updates on your favorite characters ranging from Marvel, DC, Star Wars and so many others through quick and easy news pieces, podcasts, and other forms of digital media. No click bait. No gimmicks. This site is run by fans, *for* fans who are looking for a new way to keep themselves in the loop. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer here at MediaByte!



Meet The Team!

Josh Sharpe

Creator/Owner of MediaByte, Owner of DCUNews, Graphic Designer, Website Developer, Social Media Personality… so basically I’m trying to do everything. Massive DC fan, Batman fanatic and tattoo obsessed. When I’m not doing all that stuff listed, I’m either listening to/playing music, trying to catch up on sleep, or discussing how much I think pineapple is a bad pizza topping. Crazy Jane is bae. Follow me on Twitter or IG!


Sean Hussey

Senior Editor and Lead Graphic Designer for MediaByte. Also works with the production crew on MediaByte HQ and with the social media teams. For questions or graphic design inquiries, please reach out on Twitter, or email him at: sean@themediabyte.com


Hamed Alazzamy

Currently in his last semester abroad in dentistry school. By day, a nerd who spends too much time working on teeth. By night, also a nerd who writes for MediaByte while contributing behind the scenes. For questions, inquiries, or gummy bear donations, you’re welcome to reach him on Twitter, Instagram, or by email: hamed@themediabyte.com


Alex Batts

Senior Writer for TheMediaByte. From Texas and a lifelong comic book enthusiast and movie lover. If I’m not talking about comics I’m probably not talking. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram!


Evan Maguire

Evan Maguire is a graphic designer and illustrator. A fervid comic book fan, he aspires to
become an artist in the industry. He writes for MediaByte to discuss these passions! Follow him
on Twitter and on Instagram.


Chris Bohorquez

Writer for MediaByte. From New Jersey. I can talk movies and pop culture all day! I hope to cover the entertainment industry for a living one day. Follow him on Twitter.


Nathan Hicks

Streamer for MediaByte. Likes: Beer, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Tacos, Dogs, Tattoos, Comics, Anime

Dislikes: Broccoli, Interstellar. Follow him on Twitter.


Zain Hashmi

Zain Hashmi is a college student studying Information Technology. He is an avid comicbook and movie fan. He could go on for hours talking about Comic Book Movies, which is why he is running a show just for that…For the site, Zain is co-host of The Approved By Nerds Code Show (The ABNC Show for short). Follow him on Instagram and Twitter!