Author: Alex Batts

Doom Patrol: Hair Patrol – Review

It was bound to happen eventually. This is the first episode of the series where I’ve felt a noticeable decline in enjoyment when compared to the previous episode. I have to start off by saying this episode is by no means a bad episode. It just sticks out as being […]

Doom Patrol: Jane Patrol – Review

This episode is all about Crazy Jane and well, to say the least, it’s crazy. A side note before I get into it, this review may be shorter than mine normally are for this series, mainly because there’s not a whole lot of non-spoilery stuff I can dive into for […]

Doom Patrol: Danny Patrol – Review

Doom Patrol did it. We have now seen Danny the Street in a live-action comic book property. Danny the Street is a sentient, gender-queer, teleporting street who is being hunted by the secret Bureau of Normalcy. Danny needs help and reaches out to Niles, but Vic and Larry answer the call. […]

Doom Patrol: Therapy Patrol – Review

This week’s episode of Doom Patrol slows things down a bit and gives us some one on one time with each member of the team. Most of the episode takes place in one location, Doom Manor, with the exception of some flashbacks (I’ll get into those momentarily) and one excursion by a […]