Author: Chris Bohorquez

The Importance Of DC Animation

Animation can be one of the most creative forms of artistic expression. It all starts with someone sitting down and drawing something. DC Comics has always invested in cutting edge animation that continues to be unlike anything else out there. Max Fleischer’s Superman Superman made his first animated appearance in […]

A Farewell To Marvel Netflix

The recently released season 3 of Jessica Jones is officially the end of Marvel’s Netflix run. It was once an exciting universe of shows that is now in limbo because of unfortunate business timing. It’s a shame these shows never got the finality they deserved. While some shows were definitely […]

In Defense Of ‘The Incredible Hulk’

In the last eleven years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed how audiences view comic book films and their respective franchises. With now twenty-two films under their belt, Marvel Studios and Disney have cracked the code to creating well-made films using a slew of obscure but interesting characters. That doesn’t […]