Author: John Loop

‘Arrow’ Season 8 Top 5 Ideas

*Warning this article contains SPOILERS for Arrow Season 7 As Arrow Season 7 ends its time to look to the future to see what Season 8 might have in store for us. Now season 8 is the final season of Arrow and as HBO knows final seasons can be hard. […]

Top 10 Episodes of ‘Arrow’ Season 7

Arrow Season 7 has officially come to an end. Season 7 has actually been one of the shows best containing a number of good episodes. Not all episodes were perfect, however there were a couple really unique and innovative ones. There was also a number of action-packed and emotional episodes. […]

‘The Flash’ 5×19 “Snow Pack” Review

*Warning this episode contains SPOILERS for season 5 episode 19 of The Flash This episode of The Flash is a very mixed bag. And this continues to be the show’s biggest problem, it’s inconsistent. I really wish the producers, the directors, and the writers would just take some more time […]

‘Arrow’ 7×19 “Spartan” Review

*Warning this episode contains SPOILERS for season 7 episode 19 of Arrow Season 7 episode 19 of Arrow centers around Diggle. John Diggle, aka Spartan, has been a main character on Arrow since season 1, however, despite spending around seven seasons with the character, the show has never really explored […]

‘The Flash’ 7×18 “Godspeed” Review

*Warning this review contains spoilers for Season 5 Episode 18 of The Flash Since The Flash first started back in 2014, fans have wanted to see the menacing villain Godspeed make an appearance on the show. When the set photos first leaked for this episode featuring Godspeed, fans were extremely […]