DC Editorial

Why DC Films Shouldn’t Fixate On Continuity

We are now into the eleventh year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the precedent they set for an interconnected film universe has influenced many other studios. On the whole, those who have attempted to follow suit have not been nearly as successful. Specifically, DC/Warner Bros. came late to the […]

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Ten Years Later

Before 2009 there had never been a truly great Batman (or superhero in general) video game. We had seen various attempts, some better than others, but never one that truly stuck in the minds of gamers as being spectacular. That changed near the end of August in 2009. Rocksteady Studios […]

In Defense Of ‘Batman Forever’

Following the success of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns in 1986 DC Comics was ready to bring a more serious Batman to the big screen. The studio tapped Tim Burton to helm what would become the massively successful BATMAN which hit theaters in June of 1989. The world was swept up in […]

Top 10 Episodes of ‘Arrow’ Season 7

Arrow Season 7 has officially come to an end. Season 7 has actually been one of the shows best containing a number of good episodes. Not all episodes were perfect, however there were a couple really unique and innovative ones. There was also a number of action-packed and emotional episodes. […]

What Batman Means to Me on His 80th Anniversary

Happy 80th Birthday to Batman. It’s insane that this character has been around for so long. Before we know it, the 100th anniversary will be around the corner. So much history has happened since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 to the character’s recent milestone Detective Comics #1000.  Bill […]

The Possibilities Of Marvel Studios’ Future

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has an expansive roster of characters. The upcoming Avengers: Endgame is poised to be the biggest Marvel event in film, with characters from over 20 films appearing in one movie. Disney+ Disney has an upcoming streaming service which will provide new exclusive shows directly from Marvel […]

A Farewell to ‘Arrow’

Stephen Amell officially confirmed that Season 8 of Arrow will be the last. Amell on Twitter stated that the upcoming season will be a 10 episode run that airs in the Fall, with the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover most likely being the last time he will suit up. Playing […]

‘The Batman’ Villains Wishlist

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is coming in 2021. This will be a new Batman experience that hopefully will satisfy the fans. Ben Affleck will not be returning, so a younger actor will take his place. But what’s a Batman story without a villain? Yep, The Batman is peppered w/multiple villains, […]