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MediaByte requires all contributors follow the ‘MB Code Of Conduct.’ This states you post in a civilized manner, refrain from using excessive vulgar language in your news pieces, bullying, and making homophobic and racial slurs/jokes. We also have a ZERO tolerance sexual harassment policy. If any team member is caught violating any of these rules, he/she will be *immediately* terminated from MediaByte, and have their contributions to the website, podcast, and other works removed, regardless of position held.

MediaByte is always looking for more active team members. This is an equal rights opportunity. Your application will be reviewed the same regardless of gender or sexual orientation, but we do require all applicants to be at least 18 years of age for consideration. If there is a position that peaks your interests, use the contact information listed for the next step in the application process!


This is the meat and potatoes of our site. All of our team members contribute to daily articles, editorials, reviews in some way, shape, or form. Joining the writing team would require you to keep our readers up to date with the latest news ranging from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and various other media. Depending on your position, we require a certain number of articles a week! Our writing team is divided into two sections: our news writers and our editorial writers. The former would cover the day-to-day news and publish quick and concise articles after pieces drop. The latter publish their opinion pieces/editorials once a week, covering any topic they see fit as approved by the MediaByte editorial staff. If there’s a category you feel most comfortable writing for, list it in the application form below.



Aside from writing, this is where we allow your creative juices to flow!

Graphic DesignersGraphic designers are essential to the general look of the site, and we use them in various ways. Designing logos, article/video thumbnails, and merchandise if we choose to create some are a few of the ways we can utilize your talents on the team.

Video Editors: We are looking to build a team of talented video editors to help with creating videos for our YouTube channel and Twitch streams down the line. If this interests you, fill out the application form below.

Site DevelopersIf you are a site developer and feel you can offer something to our site, we are always willing to use outside help. Previous experience is absolutely required, and examples of work will need to be presented.

Social Media:


In the words of Anakin Skywalker, “this is where the fun begins.” We are constantly in search of new social media experts who have some previous experience and knowledge in this field. Running a social media account for a news website can be extremely fun, but it’s also a position that requires the most attention. Joining this team requires you to stay on top of and post all content from, including trailers. Also having a great sense of humor and comedic timing is essential in performing this job up to standards. MediaByte does not tolerate inappropriate usage of our social media accounts such as racial and homophobic remarks/jokes, and violations will result in immediate removal from the team.

If you have another talent that you feel MediaByte could benefit from, shoot us an email and let us know what said attribute is. Thanks again for being interested in joining us!

NOTE: An email back from us does *not* guarantee a spot on the team. You will receive an email stating whether or not you’ve been accepted.

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