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Doom Patrol: Therapy Patrol – Review

This week’s episode of Doom Patrol slows things down a bit and gives us some one on one time with each member of the team. Most of the episode takes place in one location, Doom Manor, with the exception of some flashbacks (I’ll get into those momentarily) and one excursion by a […]

The Possibilities Of Marvel Studios’ Future

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has an expansive roster of characters. The upcoming Avengers: Endgame is poised to be the biggest Marvel event in film, with characters from over 20 films appearing in one movie. Disney+ Disney has an upcoming streaming service which will provide new exclusive shows directly from Marvel […]

Detective Comics #1000 – Review

The landmark 1000th issue of Detective Comics was released today. All month long DC has been celebrating the 80 years of Batman leading up to this milestone issue. There are a whopping 11 creative teams on this book, each telling their own short stories celebrating Batman and his history, and more than […]

Mark Waid To Pen ‘History Of The Marvel Universe’

At the 2019 C2E2 Diamond retailer event it was announced that legendary comic writer Mark Waid and outstanding artists Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez will craft a definitive version of the History of the Marvel Universe as a part of the publisher’s 80th anniversary. While details are slim we know the six-issue […]

Doom Patrol: Doom Patrol Patrol – Review

Six episodes in and Doom Patrol continues to deliver strong emotional episodes with compelling predicaments for our band of misfits. In this week’s episode Jane (Diane Guerrero), Larry (Matt Bomer), and Rita (April Bowlby) visit a school where the original Doom Patrol retired. Meanwhile, Cliff (Brendan Fraser) and Vic (Joivan Wade) bond […]