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Blackfire Rumored To Appear In ‘Titans’ Season 2

Launching in October 2018, Titans season 1 had a handful of mysteries for viewers throughout its 11 episodes.  Perhaps one of the most prominent of these mysteries would be the history of Starfire’s character on the show.  Kori Anders, from the season’s beginning, is afflicted with amnesia, leaving the origins […]

The Importance Of DC Animation

Animation can be one of the most creative forms of artistic expression. It all starts with someone sitting down and drawing something. DC Comics has always invested in cutting edge animation that continues to be unlike anything else out there. Max Fleischer’s Superman Superman made his first animated appearance in […]

John Constantine Gets New Comic Series This Fall

DC has announced that its resident warlock-for-hire and occult detective John Constantine will be getting his own comic book series once again. Titled John Constantine, Hellblazer, the book’s first issue will be released in November 2019, and will be a part of the Sandman Universe imprint. Constantine is now perhaps […]