Nobel winner Malala Yousafzai donates $300k to Palestinians

Who is Malala Yousafzai ?

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani female education activist and get 2014 Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17

Yousafzai announced on Wednesday that she is donating $300k (Approx 2.5 cr ) to Palestinians.

On Twitter she shared a video and said" I am horrified to see the bombing of al-Ahli hospital in Gaza and unequivocally condemn it. I urge the Israeli government to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and reiterate the call for a ceasefire. I am directing $300k to three charities helping Palestinian people under attack.

At least 500 people were killed in a strike on Gaza's al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Isarel denied  the strike and claimed that blast was cauded by rocket shot by Islamic Jihad towards their country.