why the Indian stock market is falling today.

why the Indian stock market is falling today: After 2 days of rise in nifty, bank nifty, and Sensex we have seen some pause in the markets.

Today nifty opened with a gap and made a high of 19233.70, and those who bought yesterday’s dip, near to the level of 19150 can book profits in the shorter term.

Meanwhile, If nifty does not break the 19233.70 level then it can be resistance for the market.

Banknifty also opened with a gap and made a high of 43356.85 taking a resistance of 200 DMA. 200 DMA will decide the bank nifty next move.

Bank nifty weekly expiry to trade for 1st Nov 2023

Tomorrow on 1st Nov 2023, bank nifty weekly expiry levels to trade.

Banknifty can move near to levels of 43655 in the shorter term but it needs to sustain on 43250 which is 200 DMA level.

Where Global Indices, Hang Seng is trading at negative 300 points and US futures trading at negative 40 points.

Unless and until nifty not break 18838 levels we are trading positive in the shorter term.

When will Indian Markets recover?

Short-term corrections in the markets, help retailers to find opportunities and invest for the long term. As you all know that in the shorter term, small-cap and mid-caps gives huge return to the retailers, and stocks are highly overvalued in terms of valuations.

these corrections, help stocks to get light and come near to their previous valuations, but exact valuations never come in the stocks.

I knew you understood, what I was trying to say to you.

And those retailers who invested at the highs of the stock and are not trapped and waiting for their levels. But those who have patience hold and those who want quick money book losses and after that market comes to there original levels.

Soon, Indian Markets recovered once completed its correction.

and markets are getting ready for the 2024 Elections.

stay invested, find quality stocks.

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